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Scoring low while chucking with the elbow – Joe Norwood Style & Wellington thanks for the poem

So, I’m sitting back taking a little rest from my work on the computer today and I get a call from Jack. Oh what smiles go through me when things like this happen.

Jack has just recently purchased the DVD (The Anatomy of Golf by Joe Norwood – I’m in it for 40 minutes) and hasn’t got it yet but he bought Golf-O-Metrics some 10-15 years ago and somehow got onto my YouTube channel and started watching it and sent me a message about how is this swing relating to backs. I emailed him back, not knowing he has had the book for 15 years.

So He started reading the book again and just called me. Everyone who buys the DVD or Book has an open invitation to call me on my cell phone as long as it’s in the United States. We start talking and have a great conversation. He’s 77 years young and just completed 18. His front 9 was nothing to speak of but on the back nine he was just 2 over par. He said that his short game had improved so much just by chucking the elbow. His swing is bringing him smiles and his smiles I can feel when he talks. He’s still waiting for the DVD and he will keep me up to date on his progress but “WOW” 2 over par on 9 holes is awesome, let alone a man who is almost 80 years old. As we talked I related that I must have 30 followers, all of whom are over 60 years of age.

And now to Wellington, the first man 8 years ago who contacted me, has come out from Texas to see me, thinks of me when he plays and left a fantastic poem relating to my last post on “Rooster”. Although a bit lengthily it was fund to smile at his humor. He is having a lot of fun these days with his “Three Quarter” Joe Norwood Golf Swing.

I’m having a lot of fun teaching these days and golfers are loving this swing. TWO over PAR for 9 holes, Jack could make some money off these 30 year old 300 yard bombers who can’t break bogie.

I’m getting ready to play on Wednesday, got some new shoes for my Plantar issues and they feel great but as I said to Frank having a great swing doesn’t mean you’ll score great so I’ll stay humble.

Thanks a lot everyone for trying this swing and “ONE” thing is true, this swings for you:)


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