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Joe Norwood Golf Swing – The Grip – The shoulders and more

It’s hard to believe I haven’t posted since July. How time flies. I thought this post to be relevant because it includes lessons to two golfers, one who is trying the swing based on my YouTube video and the other a JNGS follower from long ago. The point is that the teachings of the Joe Norwood Golf Swing are universal whether you live right next door to me in Orange, Ca. or in live in Belgium. We all swing the same. Hope this helps 🙂

Hi Pete,

Your Question:

Checked out your site and several videos on you tube. Tried at driving range tonight and pleasantly surprised how well I hit the ball for first time with it. 2 questions – Is the grip overlap, interlock, or 10 finger. Is the ball played off the front heel for all clubs. Will send update on progress in such a short time.   Pete

  1. The grip
    1. Yes it’s the overlap method.
      1. This is the only method that allows the butt of the right palm to fit on top of the left index finger part of the V created by both hands with the JNGS grip.
    2. Both hands are turned down or as Joe Norwood says Thumbs down at a 45 degree angle from the position as if you were shaking someone’s hand.
    3. The tips of both thumbs and forefingers touch slightly as the pressure is on the forefinger extending away from the hand.
      1. The index finger knuckle will be significantly higher from the other knuckles on the hand. You can see this quite easily by looking at a picture of Hogan’s 5 easy lessons. Bobby Jones played this method long before Joe Norwood and Ben Hogan.
  1. The placement of the ball in the stance:
    1. As you can see in my videos my feet are very close together. The heels are 7-10 inches apart with the left foot flared out 40-45 degrees so the ball is almost always played from just inside or aligned with the left heel.
  1. This is a long email as my standard advertising is attached to all emails just in case you know of a small business who may need assistance or if you do not have all my JNGS links.
  1. I don’t call anyone I teach a student, we are all JNGS followers. I have hundreds around the world because the JNGS is universal and what I say for you is good for anyone who takes up this swing.
  1. I’m really happy you’ve had some success. Hopefully a smile or moment of wonder happened as you began to hit the ball straight.
    1. My forum dates back 6 years and there is a lot of information on it.
  1. If you decide to move forward into this swing then you’ll need to buy the book and DVD and study the book a lot and watch the 16 chapters regularly and then my personal teaching will take on new meaning.

  1. Below is a recent email discussion from a follower in Michigan.
  2. Thanks for giving this swing a try

——– Original message ——–
Date: 09/09/2015 5:35 AM (GMT-08:00)
To: Crosslateral Golf <>
Subject: Left shoulder

Hi Dan,

I sent a question on the website Ask The Pro– when going to position one, my left shoulder goes around instead of down- what golf o metric will help?



PS- I have hit some beautiful straight shots-Also will your new version of the book be coming out.? I have the original book and also the Original VHS tape and would like to get the latest information. Your videos and explanations have really cleared up a lot of questions.

Thanks for keeping the Legacy alive!

From: “Dan Norwood Enterprises” <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 9, 2015 11:56:19 AM
Subject: RE: Left shoulder

Hi David.

I’m on vacation until Monday. I saw your post to my site. I’ll go into more detail next week. The left to right shoulder alignment should only be to the 7:30 position at position one and two. If your left shoulder is pushing the  alignment beyond this then focus only on the right shoulder. I’ll email you next week.


From: “Dan Norwood” <>
Sent: Monday, September 14, 2015 2:13:09 PM
Subject: RE: Left shoulder – Golf-O-Metric which should help – learned it from Aquatics Aerobics stretching

Hi David:

About 4 times a week I exercise in a heated pool doing an hour of aquatic aerobics and stretching and one stretch routine is really amazing because it deals with the left and right shoulder. I’ll try to explain it.

Obviously your lower body must be in position and locked.

  1. You know that the shoulders only turn 45 degrees back to the position of the hip lock which is to the right heel at the 7:30 position.
    1. So before we discuss the stretching move practice locking your lower body and just moving the shoulders to the right so that the right shoulder aligns with the hips. While you’re doing this look down at your waist down and see if the lower body is moving or swaying. If it his then squeeze the parts tighter to hold them.
      1. Just go back with the shoulders and return the shoulders to square and if the hips start to move with the shoulders then you must squeeze the lower thighs tighter to hold them.
      2. Keep doing this until the upper body feels detached from the lower body and only move the shoulders from square back to the right heel and back to square again
  • I actually bring my arms to my chest area and hold onto the opposite shoulder with my opposite hand, hence right hand on left bicep and left hand on right bicep
    1. Once you get used to this the next step is simple.
      1. When the right shoulder is at the 7:30 position just push south with the left shoulder, you’ll feel the tension
      2. When both shoulders are back to square just push south with the right shoulder, you’ll feel the tension.
        1. This is what is known as the piston action
      3. Now to the stretching action: J
        1. Stretch out your left arm to the 4:30 position
        2. Put your right hand and arm under the left arm and hold the left under arm with the right hand. Your right arm will be below the left arm.
        3. Your left arm should be setting on the right forearm with your right hand holding the left under arm from below.
        4. Now rotate the shoulders to the 7:30 position and squeeze the left arm into your chest with your right hand and as you do this (as long as your left arm is straight) you will feel the stretch in your lower back and while doing this slightly push the left shoulder down and at the same time push the right shoulder up. You’ll feel a great sensation of this stretch. Be careful, I do this in 92 degree water up to my chest, as this move and stretch was designed by Aerobic instructors after a workout so take it easy.
        5. Then do the same thing with the other arm, going the opposite way never letting the right arm go beyond the line of the target or 12:00.
          1. Making sure that your hips do not rotate at all .
        6. As you get comfortable with these stretches you’ll soon be able to rock or piston both shoulders north and south at the apex or maximum point of the stretch.
          1. As you piston the shoulders north and south you’ll begin to feel the vertebrae along your spine release, similar to one cracking their knuckles, this is a good thing because it releases the strain on your back and you’ll begin to really feel the depth of the Joe Norwood Method.

Call me if you have some trouble with this. I’ll be glad to help.

The book is delayed. I see now why it takes so long to complete a book. I’m probably 50% done and won’t pick up the process until spring of next year.  Meanwhile, feel free to email me and call me. I take calls all the time from Joe Norwood Swingers. It’s really no trouble at all. Someday very soon I’ll have one of my bedrooms converted into a SKYPE Studio for lessons but for now the best I can offer it by writing and conversation.

I guess I must have over a 100 JNGS followers now, it’s great to hear their smiles. One thing everyone has in common with this swing is direction and control. It’s hard to believe that it’s coming up on 30 years since I made the video with Gramps.

All the best,

Dan Norwood


714-618-4010 cell to cell

Sent: Monday, September 14, 2015 6:30 PM
To: Golf, Crosslateral
Subject: Re: Left shoulder – Golf-O-Metric which should help – learned it from Aquatics Aerobics stretching


Thank you for your great detailed explanation!

So if I understand- I start the swing with the right thumb and fore-finger into position one and the push down with the left shoulder will complete the back swing?

You need to go to position two which is the top of the backswing. Check out Rory McIIroy’s Page and watch him hitting in slow motion with his pink shirt. I call it the McIIroy Tilt. Right before he starts his down swing he tilts the left shoulder down to the ball. It’s really quite amazing.

I just shipped to Michigan. I’ll check it out and see if you’re close.  I also just shipped to Belgium and England is asking for the DVD but I stopped International shipping as it’s just a headache. I have a great follower just north of Michigan in Canada if you’re close to the border then that might work also.

the push down begins with the right arm dropping not pushing, the push is the final downward move into the ball and is assisted with the right shoulder rocker arm.

Also, I’m located in Michigan if you know any JNGS folks…

Thanks again; this is great fun !

Hope you had a great vacation!



Thanks Dan- I will check it out and agree I’ve seen that shoulder move by Rory- I wish I was 25 again!!

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