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“Rooster” on the course with the Joe Norwood Golf Swing

Louie and I played 36 holes on Wednesday.

We teed it up at 1:30 and stopped by 8:00, wore out two electric carts and had the time of our lives. At one point he looked at me and told me I was starting to look like Jeff Bridges in that movie. Thinking he meant “Bill Hickok” I was pretty pleased but Louie said “No!” , the movie about the old sheriff. I said: You mean “Rooster”? He said yes the old sheriff. I said: you mean I look like “Rooster Cogburn”? (Now I’m thinking about the old curmudgeon played by John  Wayne) and I replied, are you telling me I’m an old fat man with one eye and we just started laughing and kept making (had to be there jokes) for a good 7 or 8 holes, laughing so hard it was great.

I don’t shave often so after 3 days I can look a bit gruff but the character played by Bridges was much more to my liking if I’m to be compared to “Rooster”. After I’d hit a good shot, I would say “Just call me Rooster”:).

I need more spunk in my swing, more speed so I reverted back to a lesson my Grandfather (Joe Norwood) gave me and one you’ll find on “The Driver Series” my YouTube channel where I turn the club around and swing the handle not the club. I used this pre-shot routine on every drive and many approach shots and every time I did the ball traveled 10% farther.  It also gives one a good feeling of timing because when you can hit a leaf with the handle you know your timing is really good.

Louie typically drives the ball 250-275 yards. I was close to him on his longest drives ( about 10 yards back ) and out drove him on his short ones. My long ball was traveling 265 yards up from 220 yards for my last rounds. I even hit a par five (pin high) in two. I’ve played this course for 40 years and never hit two shots that far on that hole. I’m not going to discuss the score but it was a disappointment as I should have at least had a birdie.

My irons were traveling 10 yards longer. I was taken off guard with this but once I got used to it I started really hitting the ball well and when I missed the shot it went straight.

I had 3-4 holes of brilliance then stumble for a couple of holes and pick it up again then stumble again. The best I could do was to put strings of pars together then stumble. I missed so many 5-20 birdie putts, yet made the long bogie putts when I needed them although there was one hole where it seemed to take a handful of strokes to get down from 50 yards.

I’d stumble on a 60 yard wedge then hit a bunker shot with in a foot or two for par. I’d miss the 6 foot birdie putt and sometimes miss the 5 foot par putt. I didn’t get frustrated as it wasn’t the stroke it was the read. By the time I got the feel of the read I was getting tired and still missed the birdie putts or would hit short and have to chip up and put for a par.

I’m 63.5 years old folks and Millennials were watching old Rooster smack the ball out 260 yards and hit the ball on the green.

I’m not practicing like I would like. Weekends are for family and it’s hard to make time in the morning to hit balls, I haven’t even putted on my office carpet for a month but I’m getting to play and play a lot, yet only one day a week. As long as I play flat courses my feet and legs can handle 27-36 holes, as long as I’m driving in a cart, yet sometimes Louie would drop me off with my 3 clubs ( 3 wood – 66 degree wedge and putter) and would need and go to the other side of the fairway to look for his ball, I would hit and just start walking towards the green like the old days.

I’m playing 12 holes really well and making mental errors on the other 6 yet I’m hitting some awesome shots which get me close to the pin but the putts are not going in. I hit so many good shots and once the 1st 18 is over I no longer think about the shot, I just pull out the club and focus on the impact. I know that when I swing right the ball will fly right and when I miss the shot I don’t have to look anywhere but down the middle. As Louie says: You know Gramp’s always said: If you must miss the shot then miss it straight. He also likes to mention my statement; “It all started with a putt”. This remark dates back to when Walter Travis gave my Grandfather a putting lesson in 1910.

Travis played 18 holes with Joe Norwood who was then third professional at Brookline Country Club. (His friend Francis Quimet won the U.S. Open there in 1913)

Travis said: “Young man, you play a good game but you don’t know how to putt” Gramp’s said teach me! Travis replied: You’re a professional and I don’t teach professionals.

Gramp’s replied: I’m a teacher not a professional player. So Walter J Travis showed Joe Norwood the moves but he didn’t tell him how they were done.

Joe Norwood set out to find out how and realized the entire swing is just an extension of the putting stroke. Hence: It all started with a putt.

Well it’s getting late and the weekend is here. I’m giving my Granddaughter my Samsung S3 on our “Quid Pro Quo” basis. It turns out they only thing she’ll put in practice for is a smart phone. I have the number on my service and if she doesn’t do as she says then she knows I’ll pull the phone but the practice we are talking about is only 10-15 minutes a day of Golf-O-Metrics. She hit some balls a couple of weeks ago and is hitting straight grounders. The GOM’s are to teach her subconscious the holds and moves and the “Hows” of the Joe Norwood Golf Swing. I’m making several 15 minute DVD videos (one per month or two) for here to watch and follow. She already has the stance down, the 45 degree thumbs down (even though she is using a 10 finger grip) and she’s learning to swing inside out and hold her hips. She’s only 7 so there’s lot’s of time.

It’s not a matter of whether she turns pro or not. I know I can get her good enough to qualify for a golf scholarship and hopefully pass this swing to her for her future. I’m teaching the Joe Norwood Vertical Golf Swing in 7 continents and by the time she reaches 21 this swing will be “Popping”. I’m making her a junior version of the training club I sell online.

For those of you who have purchase Golf-O-Metrics or The Anatomy of Golf, I’m just a phone call away. Please call me. International players, please email me until I get Skype up and running. It will be soon.

I’ll have some new beginner lessons on YouTube soon and I’ll let everyone know when. This will be video for those without golf clubs. All they will need is 3 sticks, a wooden spoon and a cup, yes that’s all one needs to learn how to hit a golf ball. The ball gets in the way of a good swing. learn a good swing and the ball will fly straight.


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