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Learning to play golf while you’re learning to swing is just plain foolish!

Have you ever tried to boil an egg and at the same time start the fire to get the water hot? Obviously this makes no sense. We all know that but that’s what golfers generally do.

Although my Grandfather was a legend in his own time, he always considered him a Golf Swing Trainer and not a professional golf teacher.

He would often say; I’ll teach you the swing and leave the scoring up to you. 

  • That’s it 🙂 and that’s all there needs to be. First learn to swing a golf club (which does not require you hitting a golf ball) then learn to hit a golf ball (you learn to hit a golf ball off a rubber mat not turf) then learn the game of golf.

So many of you accept “Poor” golf and like it yet on the course when you’re playing your round and make a poor shot, everyone of you hisses, curses, makes a negative remark, is disappointed and all of you (at that very moment) wishes you could have a “Do Over”.

Even the best golfers make mistakes but we’re talking about you and me, where the mistakes can happen in an instance and our scores can increase with such velocity that disappointment becomes anger and disgust.

The Joe Norwood Golf Swing (JNGS) is not going to free you from error. It will reduce the errors dramatically so you can have a really great time on the course.

I have hundreds of followers and 90% of them are over 50 and one of them (at last count) was 93 and they all make mistakes but they don’t walk around with the lack of knowledge to correct their mistake. The true JNGS follower knows when the ball goes to the right (usually the hips rotate a bit or the shoulders don’t square) and they know how to correct it because the JNGS is built for everyone.

We all swing the same to the best of our ability. This means that the correction in Japan is the same for the correction in France and so on. JNGS golfers do not need to re-invent the wheel and search, all they have to do is go back to basics and be disciplined about their Golf-O-Metrics.

95% of you who read this post can’t score below 90. 15-30 minutes a day with GOM’s and a few hours a week practicing your swing will bring your score down dramatically.

Joe Norwood taught the likes of Howard Hughes and President Gerald Ford. President Ford practiced well but became insecure around crowds, Howard Hughes became good enough that he could have turned professional but why? He was the richest man in the world and playing tournament golf was not in his destiny but he became a great golfer.

Joe Norwood also taught average golfers and duffers, especially after 1947 when he left Los Angeles Country Club. He loved to teach, I love to teach. I only give personal lessons to JNGS followers and when someone joins the JNGS golfing family, they find I’m available buy email, telephone and video.

The reason I only teach JNGS followers goes back to the boiling egg issue. This swing requires you to discipline your lower body, upper body and hands and someone who is swinging rotationally around a barrel and flipping their hands like a fish on a line just won’t get it unless they take the first step themselves.

I recently sold the BOOK-DVD combo to someone of distinction. There’s no need to boast about the sale and say who he is but in his world he mingles with the rich and famous like Howard Hughes and President Ford.

But when I wrote him his confirmation I treated him like anyone who may be searching for a golf swing. So here is a portion on the email I sent him.

It’s important enough for everyone to read because it’s all about the JNGS.


I’ve never happened across someone like yourself in the Joe Norwood Golf Swing world so I hope you have a real interest in learning about my Grandfather’s golf swing because if you’re looking, as many do, to research and dissect his swing components into a rationality relating to golf swings in general then you’ll be met with disappointment and dissention.

  • The JNGS can be used by 90% of the golfing public but it does take Knowledge, Application, Feel, Judgment & Discipline.

Joe Norwood’s Golf Swing has its beginnings with the professional who taught Alexander Findlay in the late 1870’s and has a lineage that may have started with Findlay but Harry Vardon and Walter Travis had a tremendous impact on My Grandfather in his early years. In fact, this swing is really an extension of the putting technique Walter Travis showed Joe Norwood in 1910 (The right elbow).

If you happened upon my website and have not had the opportunity to visit my teaching forum, YouTube Channel and Blog then please stop by. They are there to offer more assistance to those who realize rotation is the “Root of all Errors” in the golf swing and that’s been the way before my Grandfather and since.

A few things about the book and DVD.

  • Golf-O-Metrics
    • The Artists renditions are mostly incorrect
    • You will find some contradictions but please remember “Gramps” was 84 when he published his book
    • Read the last 4 – 5 chapters on the short game first. You’ll get a better feel for what Joe Norwood has to say about the swing without the mechanics.
    • Read the book slowly. It’s not intended as entertainment, it’s an instructional book and JNGS followers typically read the book continuously.
  • The Anatomy of Golf
    • I once watched a video from 1949 of Louis Armstrong playing with his band. The film was grainy, black and white and in poor shape but just watching this great man play overshadowed the video and it was then I learned that great knowledge is great knowledge regardless of how it is presented.
    • My portion has a full shoulder turn and that’s not the way it’s done (See my YouTube Videos)
    • There is no 1st base
      • You’ll hear Gramps telling me to push out but by the time we shot the video I had discovered the left pectoral muscle and how it is used to keep the shoulders square (the ball seemed to push to the right a lot and Gramp’s just said TRUST the swing – something that he only said a couple of times).
    • Components
      • Bobby Jones – Ben Hogan grip (Both thumbs and forefingers touch) Hogan did not do this with both hands
      • Sealed Wrists (3 parts to the seal)
      • Right elbow is the hinge and the forearm moves with the hinge
      • Backswing to right heel and no farther (no full shoulder turn)
      • Closed stance yet shows as square (see flared left foot)
      • Left thigh locks right thigh into place (heels only 10 inches apart)
      • Right hip set 45 degrees back at address (7:30)
      • Shoulders go to 7:30 (align with hips)
        • Forearm drops to heel
      • Piston Action
      • Crosslateral move into left foot
      • Hands/wrists sealed implementing the delayed impact
      • Follow through has the right arm pointing to target (12:00)
      • Good Luck

My followers tend to be Baby Boomers who study or have always wanted to know how the great Scottish golfers taught. Everyone swings the same, something you’ll have to agree to try or you just won’t get the full Joe Norwood Golf Swing experience of how to hit a golf ball straight on purpose.2

Everyone who purchases the Book and DVD are invited to contact me for assistance. I teach this swing over the phone, by email or video lesson. I’ve spent many hours with followers helping them over the phone. It’s very easy because the Joe Norwood Golf Swing is 1swing4all, we all swing the same.




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