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Visualization – Realization then hold on for the ride

Before I talk about yesterday’s round I want to sell you something. I want to sell you “You”.

Joe Norwood conceived a golf swing, I have dissected and perfected it so well that I can teach it online via email, blog, video or in person.

You can live at the farthest ends of the earth from North Alaska to South Africa to New Zealand to Iceland to Russia to Argentina and because we are all networked with this great thing called the “WEB”  you can be 63 years old like me and go to your local course and have a good chance at par, you can be 18 and put away those video games that do you no good and learn a swing and go out to the course and have a great time for very little money.

You can have an old beat up golf club and hit balls in the desert (just make sure you wear goggles).

The Joe Norwood golf swing has opened up an entire life to you whether you play or not. Everyone who plays wants to play better and there are a 1,000 or a 1,000,000 teachers out there giving you something.

I give you everything from tip to toe.

Boomers – there’s no reason for you to stay on the couch, now you can learn to hit the ball straight on purpose.

“Y” Generation – you no longer need to be consumed with everyday life. Take 15 minutes a day and practice Golf-O-Metrics and pick up a game that will last a lifetime.

Mellennials – now you have a chance to get away from those plastic little gadgets that suck the energy from you and provide no real enjoyment other than something to do when you’re bored. Now you have the chance to go out and buy a set of old clubs for $50 at a yard sale and begin a journey that may take you all over the world someday. Ok That’s enough of that:):):)

My round yesterday ended with a 77, while not all that happy with the ending result as I bogied 4 of the last 5 holes, my play on 12 holes was 2 under par and on 6 holes was 7 over.

As I thought about my game afterwards memories brought back moments from 40 years ago when I would go for my weekly lesson with Gramp’s (Joe Norwood) and he would ask me how my rounds were during the week and I would comment that I shot a 76 or 80 or whatever and he would ask me how many holes I played at Par or under and regardless of my answer he would remark: ‘Well Danny, you played 12 holes under par and that’s something to be happy about”‘

I remember Tommy Lasorda (Former Manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers) discussing the season many years ago. He said we’ll win 1/3 or the games, lose 1/3 of the games and it’s that middle 1/3 of the season that dictates where we will end up. He must have said that 35 years ago and I’ve always remembered it.

For the more accomplished golfer, the game is very much the same. The course will give up par 1/3 of the time, You’ll take par 1/3 of the time and it’s those 6 holes during the round that dictate what you will do.

I visualized what club to tee off with prior to playing and followed my game plan except that I put away the 13 degree tour 3 wood and chose the 11 degree driver. It was a mistake as it may have cost me a stroke or two.

My round almost started with a double bogey. Hitting the ball a little thin and skulling a chip was not a good start but “no matter” just keep moving ahead.

By #4 I was even and headed into 5. I had just come off a tap in birdie on #3 and was a little too eager. I double bogied 5 and fell back to the field. By this time another golfer had driven up from behind and asked to join. I said OK but turn off or mute your cell otherwise no. He did.

The next hole a short par 5 left me with 160 yards to the green for my 3rd shot after miserably playing my 1st two. I hit my 9 wood and put the ball 3 inches from the hole.

My Partner/Competitor Louie was just concerned about staying close on the score but Larry was a one man cheering section. I just shrug off compliments on the course because you never know about the next hole. The next two holes were played picture perfect leaving me with a 12 foot and 8 foot birdie putt which I missed miserably. but everything was Ok and we went to 9 when Louie and Larry began talking while I was ready to hit, this was the 3rd time so I just looked at them and they quieted down. I still bogied the hole missing a 5 foot par putt but was Ok with a 38.

The next 4 holes were played as well as I could play, missing three 8-20 foot birdies and chipping in for birdie on another and there I was looking at a 73 or better and did the absolute worst thing one can do when playing well – I started to think about it. I bogied 4 of the last 5 holes, not from pressure, not from fear but just shear thought. I know to take one hole at a time and I didn’t.

All in all I played some of the best approach shots I’ve played in two years and it’s only April. We played another 8 holes and I was one over and it’s nice to get in 27 holes and if it hadn’t been so cool we could have played another 9 but my 63 year old body (overweight) was starting to feel the pain of play.

I’ve played more golf in April of this year than I’ve played in the last 3 years (5 rounds 2012-2015).

I’m losing weight and starting to read the greens. I remember the movie “Baggar Vance” when Promising golfer Rannulph Junuh (Matt Damon) could see the line of the putt like it was a highway. I’m starting to see this path on many of the putts  and what a wonderful feeling it is, especially on the “ropes”.

I did not make one rope putt but I could see the lay of the land and the ball went exactly as I saw it.

Evening was upon us, my joints hurting, my muscles aching but yesteryears disgust of cracking on 4 of the last 5 holes did not set in. I enjoyed my round, more importantly I was exhilarated by 8 or 10 good drives off the tee and at least 10 approach shots that were better than the old days.

I’ve have had a little driving range in my backyard for 20 years. I can swing semi full swings of my 66 degree wedge and only now am using this area to practice. Don’t know if I’ll play next week but practicing is on the agenda and more work on the mental side of the game. Once the swing is in place it’s up to the mind to use it properly and the is no better swing that the Joe Norwood Golf Swing. I have much work to do.


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