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It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Monday was a beautiful day. My friends who follow me and my Grandfather’s golf swing have a lot to look forward to in the coming year. Time passes so quickly and there is so much to do. I’ve been shooting some video for Golf-O-Metrics and begin more shooting on the dissection of the Joe Norwood Golf Swing. It is a difficult task to say the least because I must do this on my own and shy away from financial assistance due to the need to keep the Joe Norwood Golf Swing in its purity.


For my friends who are not in fair weather, take heart things will get better. Yesterday is was 75 degrees, the putting course at Riverview was in top condition and the course itself was as it always is, a real good test of putting. Many of the holes have 10 feet of break, have uphill then downhill conditions and, of course the pins are always tucked into the tightest of these positions. Many average golfers can take 4’s and 5’s on these 20-40 foot putts and, of course, it is a laid out 18 hole putting course respected by all who play. It is not an easy challenge to play 2 ball for as much as 72 holes but what fun it is.


I’m “back”, I feel good, I walk up to the green and now know where the break is. A year ago leaving the ball 10 feet short or 10 feet past was a common thing and now with my stroke in hand and the feel of a chip with the best hickory shaft putting blade that is made today. I know because I had it made specifically so there is no loft opn the blade and the hosel is flattened another 2 degrees. Some of my friends play with it now, but I send them the standard 3 degrees loft without a flattened hosel. Some of my other friends have found their way to an authentic hickory shaft blade and just love it, speaking of Metagolfer on this one.


I’ve been preparing for January since November, I manage an office building, handle commercial financing and manage Dan Norwood Enterprises which mainly is focused on bringing the Joe Norwood Golf Swing to everyone but I also am getting excited about the prospect of playing. My feet are just about healed, my hip is healed and I’m swinging without a club as pure as I can possible swing so I hope to bring some video out soon of me playing on the course and talking to you. I hope to be able to do this on the putting green but Louie and I would need a 3rd party to do the video shoot and that just hasn’t happened but the fun, the drama and the scores are just phenomenal.


Monday started out with me taking the first round by two and losing the second round by two. No would of, should of or could of’s in this. We fenced well on both matches. On the 3rd and final 18 Louie had me down by two going into 18 but within a couple of seconds he 3 putted twice and there I was. I’ve often lost the match on the last hole and 18 had 2 feet of break, 15 feet uphill and 6-8 feet downhill and once the ball went past the hole then it was gone by easily 5 feet.


I knew I had to get the first one close to have a chance at a play off but nothing was guaranteed because Louie is a better putter than me and when he takes a 3, which is rare, that means I could take a 3 very easily.


My first putt rolls up 6 inches from the hole and then I said “ and this for the win” and I clicked the putt, watched it roll, and roll and just drop in at the last roll for the match. It was a putt I can still see in my mind right now. It’s great to have a friend who loves the competition of golf as well as you do and Louie has a great short game.


We don’t meet until next week so I have about 7-8 days to start hitting some balls in my backyard because I really want to play Willow Wick. Louie says the greens are in awesome condition and that’s a course I can score on so here’s to playing next week and seeing what I’ll score. I’d really like to score a round in the 60’s this year, 69 would be just fine but I know I have to hit the ball really well and make those putts. It’s nice to have goals again. I can walk again. I can swing again. I swing better at 62 than I did at 32 but the stamina is just not there, regardless, it’s time to have fun on the course in the middle of winter.


Next week, the temperature is expected to be around 80 degrees and sunny.


Till my next post.




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