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Day 1 Practice – not all that great

I just finished practicing hitting about 150 balls in my backyard and the results were certainly mixed to say the least.

I began with regular golf balls and my 60 degree wedge left to me by my Grandfather and it was very clear my swing is rusty and proving that just doing golf-o-metrics and swinging a practice trainer will not give me the same feeling as hitting the ball does.

My backswing was tight and at first I was working on feeling the clubhead at impact but after about 15 shots I went to just playing the swing and feeling the hands as they go through the impact area. This helped a lot because as I became more focused on the swing the impact became much better.

I also realized that since the stance on the short game is open with the JNGS then as I took my stance I realized my hips were facing to the 11:30 position with the left hip so while I turned the hip back to the 7:30 position (right hip) it was apparent (as with the putt) the hips are completely parallel on the short game and that there is no inside move on the 10-40 yard shots as the right arm does not even get to position one. There is only a fold and unfold of the right elbow but even that is brief due to the short swing.

I’ve known this for a while now but I haven’t really talked about it on my forum and since this blog is for my playing time I feel it is appropriate to post it here.

One quarter back and one-quarter though and hold. I also found there was a 5-8 yard difference when I accelerated through the impact zone with my right elbow versus when I eased up on the elbow extension. It also became apparent when I eased up on the elbow extension I tended to come off the ball on my right foot rather than to hit through to the left sole or left toe.

As I warmed up I started to hit some really nice shots and out of 50+, I sculled two, had 20 within 1-6 feet, 20 from 6-15 feet and the rest were about 15-20 feet outside the target so for my first practice in 2 months I had 95% makeable par puts from 40 yards.

It was a much different story when I pulled out my 8 iron and started to hit plastic balls. Right off, I was all over the place and I was not feeling the swing. As I warmed up I began to understand the great players of yesterday when they would make a lateral move towards the target and began to implement my cross lateral move as my right elbow got to position one on the down swing. Performing this move at the initiation of the down swing disrupts the cross later but I could feel  the weight shift on the down swing as I went into the cross lateral – the impact was just phenomenal. I could feel the sitz.

I began to hit some fine shots as my 8 iron travels about 40 yards and on one occasion when I hit it really pure I flew my neighbors fence so tomorrow or later I play to the end of my yard which is 50 yards. Not much room for error there due to it is a corner.

I wasn’t very happy with the results as only about 40 percent were within birdie position and at least 15% were real up and down shots with the remaining being lag putts or short chips shots.  I won’t be posting daily but it’s a good thing to post on the first day of practice to see where I am.

I got tired and could not hit my driver with the “Holed Whiffle Balls”. I’ll be doing that later this week as my plans for playing next week are increasing. Today is going to be about 85 degrees and at 10 am the sun was out. I’ll hit balls at the range next week but for now swinging in my back yard is not only inexpensive but it also allows me to start honing my swing. I have a ways to go:)


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