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Joe Norwood Golf Swing hits every Continent


What a thrill it is to see my Grandfather’s golf swing reaching every continent. This month no less than 20, yes 20 countries from every continent on the world other then the South Pole and that’s pretty satisfying.

No I’m not rated in the top 1000 teachers, I have no affiliation with the PGA, USGTF, 1234 or more. My affiliation is sponsored with golfers all over the world solidifying the fact that the Joe Norwood Golf Swing is truly 1swing4all. Soon I’ll have digital content download available so everyone can download Golf-O-Metrics, The Anatomy of Golf and other digital content to be made available. Everyone can email me to get help as long as you have invested into this swing.

This golf swing is for those who search for a better way other than to watch the professional players and try and or listen to some credentialed professional teaching establishment who wants $1500 or more just to make you think you’ll learn something. Come along for the ride and hit the ball straight on purpose. Learn a repeatable swing then learn the game, swing well and play better.


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