Great Day 4 Golf & Business

Tuesday started out great. I’m enjoying meeting business prospects at Riverview and although I only play their putting course, it is a lot of fun when business and putting come together.

My Amigoso Louie whom I putt with weekly brought a friend of his who is looking for start up capital on a small business. This is one of the first small business start ups that have actually peaked my interest and there is a good chance I can put together the funding. He actually handed me the keys to the city (if you will), had me sign a non-circ and then said: ” don’t worry about it, I trust you”. I handed it back to him and said; “don’t trust anyone who have just met”

I took his executive summary and business plan with me and will begin the shopping process next week. We said our goodbye’s and then it was off to the putting course at Riverview and the course was laid out so difficult that on many holes there was no way of stopping the ball, it was like putting on glass, with 8 foot breaks, uphill to a downhill slope and 10 footers to save par. I loved it.

The best way to get better it to play tougher holes.

It was a grand day. I won all four matches over a 4 hour period which is a first for me. I may have only won by a stroke but I pulled it out and for the first time since we’re started playing (over 18 months ago) I came away with all the wins. During the rounds Louie and I go to the clubhouse, have a beer (light) and talk about everything. I learned a new spanish word called Amigoso. He is one good friend. I gave him The Anatomy of Golf DVD because he wants to analyze it. He is a rotator and pronator and we got into a discussion about how my left clavicle turn is similar to pronation. My only response was that when amateurs pronate, many times they pronate before impact and they duck hook the ball.

He was surprised that I knew that because it happens sometimes to him. There are now two people out here I can share the JNGS knowledge with and discuss the swing I teach in relation to the swing they play.

Who knows about next week at the putting green but I’m healthier and today’s weather is 81 in late November and I hope to play another round of golf before years end. I did have a temper tantrum 2 months ago when I played last. I hope to practice a bit and then take patience and discipline to the course.

This golf swing not only helps my muscles work together but I can go out 4 times a year and play in the low 80’s, that’s one golf date per quarter. I no longer want to play Willowick at this time because scoring in the 70’s at that course is no longer as much fun. My goal is to play once a month, 12 times a year and do better than a 75 each round. At 62 1/2 that’s a pretty good goal I haven’t played 12 times a years in almost 20 years so I have my work cut out for me.

I do enjoy putting with Louie and would rather do that than play. it’s harder to score Par at Riverview Putting course when the greens are fast than it is to break 90 on a golf course and I haven’t scored over 90 in decades but then I don’t go play courses I don’t know and no longer play long tough course like the Eisenhower course in Los Angeles. That course is rated 77 so a 3 handicap gets you an 80 on a good day and I never scored over 85 from the black tees when I was younger but it was a good test in humility when you can go to Diamond Bar and score 74 then to the Ike and score 85. Nothing like humiliation to bring your ego back in check.



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