My little princess and the JNGS

When my first Grandson took hold of my index finger at 1 month old, he literally gripped the JNGS golf grip and I was so happy back in 1994 and for a couple of years (his 4th and 5th) Brennan showed great promise and loved being with me and began hitting a golf ball so well that people would come by and say he was the next Tiger Woods, I said no he would be his own man. My daughter moved north 700 miles and that was that, then there was my next two Grandsons Jack and Matt and they sort of liked being with Grandpa hitting balls but never like Brennan and it’s still something they have very little interest in and that’s OK. I forced the JNGS swing down my sons throat when he was young and although (with no golf) he can still hit a golf ball, the game of golf is something he just doesn’t like and that’s OK because I love my son and his boys.

Then 6 years ago my Princess, little Dakota was born and we have been close since her birth. She first started trying to hit golf balls when she was two and over the years developed some bad habits so I stopped having her hit balls for a while. She naturally rotated and lunged and, afterall, she was only 4 or 5 so there was no need to push her. She loves Grampy, Grampy loves her, we play together at her house virtually all the time I am there so I taught her the phrase Quid Pro Quo.

I play dolls, color, draw, soccer and just about everything she wants so when I say Quid Pro Quo we take a little time, 2-5 minutes and do a little golf lesson in her bedroom with a training club I made her. Two weeks ago she wanted to hit golf balls because she has learned the phrase “Let the big dog eat” and since she lives on and acre and a half of land there is room for her to knock out drives even though they are grounders but Grampy was too tired that day and said no. Yesterday my wife and I went to see her and her family and we got there  late, we live 76 miles one way and had to leave early but I spent  a few hours with her.

While we were playing “broadway production” I asked her to swing just 5 practice swings and she said yes. I told her if she did just one really good practice swing then she was done. I remembered reading in GOM about the stance and how her stance was always changing so I talked a little bit about how she should try to keep her feet aligned and she listened well.

As She gripped the club I noticed she has it down. The strong left, the weak right and I was amazed how this little 6 year old now holds the club like Bobby Jones and Ben Hogan. I didn’t have to correct her grip at all. After she got her stance I had her fold her right elbow so she could swing inside out and she made one very good swing. It was beautiful and I told her she was done and had made that one really good swing. She smiled and we played dolls again until it was time to go.

We also went shopping for an outfit and she  “Pinkie Promised to hit 30 balls for it next week” I drafted a little agreement and we both signed it. We also took a nice walk together in the neighborhood earlier, just her and I and talked about the things going on in her life. She is playing defense in soccer, this is her first year and she loves it.  This time no pressure, I’m trying to do what my Grandfather did for me, give it to her slowly and let her decide if she wants it. She has one very fast right arm on the down swing, fastest I’ve ever seen in a little one.  Love you  DJ


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