Chokewood pulls one out

I take this game way to seriously but that’s the way I am – just too serious about everything. I’ve renamed myself  “Chokewood” because I keep choking out putting tournaments. Louie allows me to be serius and it’s not about winning or losing it’s about playing to the best of my ability regardless of the circumstances and just about every putting round I choke off 2-4 putts for one reason or another. I know it’s because something is causing me to think and once I start thinking then the shot is lost. It’s easy to say clear your mind, it another thing to do it every stroke.

Our most recent outing finally had me tied after 18 then tied after another sudden death 9 then 1up, 2 up and then 3 up on the final 9 and that’s when I que’d; Chokewood is up by 3 with two holes to go and we both just laughed so hard that it was a but difficult to finish.

As long as I play the best I can, coming in last is not an issue it’s the mistakes that get to me while Louie is throwing in an ace.

Tomorrow it’s off to Los Lagos in Costa Mesa, a course I have not played in 20 years but I remember it well, I will not play from the blue or black tees, not at 62. I’ve earned the men’s white tees so the course is only 6100 yards long. I did say that I would play from the black tees but Louie would have to give me odds at 2 to 1. So far he declined  but if he says he will then I’ll take the longer yardage because there’s a $100 bill in it for me otherwise green fees will do just fine. Yes, he always has a chance to win. He plays much better when playing a round with me.

This will be the 2nd 18 in two years but he has to score a 78 to make things chokable. He may and if he does then it should be a good match. This will be my last or next to last round this year because weekends are for family, work is for the daytime and golf is only for daylight savings time and we turn back the clock in a month. I’ll hit some plastic balls around 7-8am, have a lot to do at the office by 1 then off to the course. I just made a new trainer, this time with a longer grip and it feels great so I’ll take it with me.

Looking forward to next year and joining Riverview Mens club, never have liked the course but they have some great things going on where I can join and have some fun.


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